Mothers Day: Mother Earth

Earth! the only planet that we know sustains life. Earth is every ones mother. As we all know, Earth is a medley of life; From birds that are the kings of sky to whales that have conquered the depths of oceans. It’s this mother, the earth that has taken all creatures, big or small into its warmth providing every one of us the shelter, food.

Every where I look, the nature, the habitat earth has for us is stupefying beauty. Oceans, mangrove forests, deserts, caves every one of these provide us a unique habitat for us to survive and make it a life.

looking at the breath taking natural beauty makes me want to get away from the concrete jungles we have. Relish the trees, the forests and celebrate the life it encompasses. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled few in such places in India, Hill stations mainly along with few places with man made marvles like Munar, Yercaud, Puducherry (also know as Pondicherry) ,kodaikanal to name a few.

Humans are the superior when it comes to development. With time, we (humans) have made many inventions and discoveries in the form of technology, industrialization etc.  With this new civilization, we sure did make our existing life easy. But, at what cost? unknowingly we have put our mother nature (Earth) at danger. Temperatures rising, species going extinct, new diseases, natural disasters, water shortage are few warning signs from Earth that its time to protect our Earth which is OUR home.

Plant Germination

Along with this, we also need to understand that every species on Earth has a role to play in our ecosystem. if vultures are scavengers, they also protect diseases from spreading or if earthworms are decomposers, they also help in improving the soils health.

We all know the effect of global warming on sea life or how the polar caps melting effects life. It is our necessity to stop the disaster, or “end of world” as some may term, from happening

We at my home have started off some advanced ways as well. Rain water harvesting techniques to battle the water scarcity and solar panels instead of electricity to use the abandons of sun power.

What are your ways of giving back to Earth. Share your ideas with all (big or small) and lets take up at lease one each in the efforts to save our planet that nourishes and nurtures every life equally.

Mother Earth

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6 thoughts on “Mothers Day: Mother Earth

    1. I do agree that she is not going any where soon. But the fact remains, that if we do not do anything to improve the conditions, soon will become sooner 😛 . like they say “Prevention is better than cure” 🙂 .

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