A change most needed now

Here’s another one that we all know about, but still choose it over our own. The “Society”, a once safe haven is now a silent choker by the hands of family and friends, the ones who we trust blindly. From defining the age we need to work to our carrier choice to who we choose … More A change most needed now


Stunning yellow rose

Gardening is something I started sometime back to keep me occupied. Very soon I discovered that it has very calming a soothing effect to see them (plants) slowly grow and start baring flowers/fruit. For this weeks photo challenge, Here is a picture of a yellow rose that blossomed last week in my garden. The bright … More Stunning yellow rose

Silence of mind

There was a time in my life where everything seemed not achievable till the time came when I realized the fact that no matter what I achieve I’m not going to take it with me. So unless its something that’s stopping me from breathing, It’s not worth loosing my peace of mind and happiness. Because … More Silence of mind

Take a pause

Let me start by saying “Life is not short, its unpredictable”. We have all heard many people say this, but do we really understand the depth of it? I surely didn’t till I experiences something that made me realize so. Few days back while returning from work, I met with an accident. It was minor … More Take a pause

Strong bond

Being a female and crossed my thirties barrier apparently is a big deal if you are single in many cultures. Surely, men have their own fair share, but it is beyond doubt that females have it at least ten times more given that we are clocked biologically. Sailing the same boat, I am in the … More Strong bond

Is it really that tough as everyone makes it sound!

Looking around one’s surroundings, it is disheartening to see that people find it so difficult to extend a helping hand even with all the time, money, resources, and knowledge in this world they could have. How difficult cant it be to hand over your used clothes to someone in need or give/help someone get a … More Is it really that tough as everyone makes it sound!